About Load Runners

Load Runners® are the industry’s ultimate, heavy-duty, load rail and idler-roller solution. They provide precision performance for a wide range of applications.

Available in all standard configurations—metric or imperial, stud- or yoke-style—Osborn’s Load Runners® help reduce your design time and lower overall material handling system costs.

Every Load Runner® is Designed to Perform

• Machined from high-alloy steel

• Case-hardened (Rc 55-60) for a wear-resistant outer shell and tough inner core

• Features either tapered roller bearings or deep-groove ball bearings

• Withstands heavy radial and axial loads, as well as high speeds

• Sealed and lubricated for life to withstand dirt, sand and moisture

• High-shear-strength studs include hex socket for easy installation

• Yoke style allows through-shafts, eliminating any custom fabrication

Our design engineers provide custom solutions to any challenge. Why go anywhere else?